November 16, 2012

Sporty Cookies

I think it's time to buy a sneaker cookie cutter.  Over the past couple of weeks, I've had 2 different requests  for shoe cookies, which I unfortunately don't have a cutter for.  I decided to accommodate the requests by modifying a large candy corn cutter, which worked well in a pinch, but hand cutting is always kind of a pain in the behind.  Time to go shopping!

One of the sneaker requests was for a little boy named Julian who just started playing soccer.  Julian's favorite toy is his green ATV, so I included a few of those too.  The ATV kind of turned out looking like a tractor, so I'll probably make some changes to that design if I have to do it again, but hopefully he knew what it was :)

soccer cookies

The other request was for a woman who was training to run the NYC marathon.  Sadly, the marathon was cancelled due to the tragic events of Hurricane Sandy, but hopefully "Bean" still enjoyed her cookies.

marathon cookies


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