June 27, 2013

Doctor Who Cookies

Dr. Who Thank You Cookie Package

Doctor Who cookies!  Yay!  Dr. Who is one of my favorite TV shows, so I was super excited to receive a request for a Doctor Who-themed thank you package.

Dr Who cookies, dalek, cyberman, TARDIS

My husband and I just finished watching all of the "new" seasons on Amazon Prime and we're currently going through withdraw waiting for the next season to come out!  If you haven't seen it you really should check it out, but be prepared to spend A LOT of time in front of the TV.  It's addicting!

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun designing these cookies!

Dr. Who K-9 cookie

The best part is, I posted this Instagram picture on Facebook and asked what you thought this cookie would become:

instagram royal icing

The only person who guessed the correct answer - a TARDIS - was the person who was meant to receive the gift package!  So I know that this was the perfect gift package for her :)

June 22, 2013

Cookie Platter Pricing

We're now offering Cookie Platters!  Cookie platters are the perfect addition to any dessert table and are designed to be eaten at your party (as opposed to cookie favors for your guests to take home).

50th birthday cookie platter

Cookie platters include a variety of cookie sizes, ranging from approximately 2" to 5", and include basic to elaborate designs (you provide the platter).  You just tell us the theme and color scheme, and we'll work with you to design a platter of cookies.

baby cookie platter

Cookie platters will be priced at a flat rate of $40 / dozen.  They'll be bagged and heat-sealed for freshness during shipment.  If you would like us to tie a satin ribbon on each bag, the cost is an additional $1.80 / dozen.

We're very excited about this new offering from Jaclyn's Cookies!

June 18, 2013

Cookie Favor Price Sheet

We're officially open for business again!  I'm excited to be back in the kitchen working on some fun new cookies this week.

I'll be launching a new version of our website soon, but in the meantime I wanted to show you our new price sheet for custom cookie favors:

Cookie Favor Price Sheet

2” Small
3” Medium
4” Large
5” Extra Large
Ribbon$0.15 / cookie
Cookie Sticks**$0.35 / cookie
*Approximate length of longest side
**Cookie sticks include the price of ribbon.

I based the price sheet on Sugarbelle's price chart that she posted a while back.  Below is a description of what I consider "Basic", "Detailed", and "Elaborate" designs as well as some sample pictures.

What's Included in a Design???
Typically uses 1-2 colors with limited to no piped details
Typically uses 2-4 colors and includes some piped details
Typically uses 3+ colors, includes several piped details, and/or uses advanced techniques such as brush embroidery

Cookie pricing examples

I hope that this price chart adds some transparency to the way we price our cookies.  As always, you can contact us through our custom cookie request form for a quote!

June 10, 2013

Surfboards and Hibiscus Flowers

surfboard and hibiscus cookies

I made these cookies so long ago that I don't even remember what they were for.  I'm pretty sure it was to celebrate a new addition to the family.

surfboard cookies

I guess I was just waiting for summer to roll around again before I shared them :)

surfboard cookies

P.S. Don't these kids have such cool names?  You can totally tell that they have a hot mama and a cool dad :)

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