May 26, 2011

Frosting for the Cause

Want to learn how to make these cookies?

Check out my guest post today on Frosting for the Cause!   The post contains my sugar cookie recipe as well as a step by step tutorial on how to make these Chuck Taylor cookies. 

Frosting for the Cause is a fantastic charity that is dedicated to Woman's Cancer awareness, and has a goal of raising over $9,000 for cancer research this year.  I was fortunate enough to be able to contribute to this cause by donating cookies to the inspiring people at Hospice Caring in Gaithersburg, MD.  I'm so grateful to be able to participate in such a great cause, and as an added bonus I was able to re-live some great memories of my Pop!

Updated on Sep 9 with a direct link to the post: Jaclyn's Chuck Taylor Sneaker Cookies.

May 25, 2011

Cookie Place Cards

This week I had a request for cookie place cards for a birthday dinner.  The request was for a simple blue and brown cookie with each guest's name on it.  I really like how these turned out!

The cookies were packaged in clear cellophane bags and tied with a brown ribbon.  The customer also requested a note card to be attached to each cookie, which I thought gave them a nice personal touch.

These cookies would be great for so many different occasions - weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, holiday name it!

May 22, 2011

New Website Design!

We have a newly redesigned website!  You can check it out at

Many thanks to my fantastic husband who put in countless hours redesigning the site.

Here's a screenshot of the new homepage:

We hope that this site will be easier to navigate and will also look a lot more polished.  We would love to hear your feedback!

May 20, 2011


That's right, there's two babies in that carriage!  I'd like to say a big congratulations to my Aunt and Uncle, Justine and Chris, on the birth of their adorable twin girls!  The two little red-heads, Anne and Emma, were born on May 10 and of course, I had to make some cookies for them!

Their nursery is decorated in a purple and turquoise butterfly theme, so I decided to make some matching cookies.  I think it was a nice change from the standard baby pink and white :)

And of course, you can't forget the older sibling, so the proud big brother got some Phillies cookies (or treats as he calls them!).

I wish you both the best of luck with your new additions!  Hopefully these cookies help you get through some of those late night feedings!

May 9, 2011


I've been wanting to try this recipe for months, so when I bought a new candy thermometer I was excited to put it to use.  If you've never had a homemade marshmallow before, I highly recommend giving these a try.

Shelly, from Cookie and Cups has a great recipe and tutorial on her blog: here.  I followed this almost exactly and thought they came out great!  The hardest part was cutting these sticky little guys into squares, but a buttered pizza cutter did the trick pretty well.

Then I got a little crazy and dipped them in some melted Ghirardelli dark chocolate...

I admit, they aren't the prettiest, but they certainly were delicious!

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