November 20, 2015

1st Birthday Pow Wow Party

I seriously have the best customers who send me the most adorable, creative party themes to work with.  How cute is this "pumpkin pow wow" party theme!

pow wow party cookies

Roland's mom bought him this teepee from the Land of Nod, so we made matching teepee cookies for the party.

teepee cookies

The party colors were black, white, kraft brown, orange, turquoise and gold.  The customer wanted to incorporate lots of arrows and triangles in the designs, so this is what we came up with!  I think the "ONE" cookies were my favorite, and I just love the pops of color and shine.

pumpkin pow wow first birthday party cookies

Roland's mom was also kind enough to send some pictures from the party.  How adorable is this table?!

pumpkin pow wow first birthday party desserts

Happy first birthday Roland!  I'm looking forward to making lots more birthday cookies for you over the years!

pumpkin pow wow first birthday party cookies

November 17, 2015

Gymnast Cookies

Just a quick one today to show you these super cute gymnast cookies that I made earlier this year!

gymnastics birthday party favors

Love all these adorable little gymnasts!

gymnast cookies


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