February 17, 2014

50th Birthday Party Favors

50th birthday party favors

We're continuing the summer theme around here at Jaclyn's Cookies!  These party favors were created for a 50th birthday party.  The birthday boy lives in Florida, so we did a beach theme.

t-shirt cookies

I loved this idea to do "vintage" and "classic" t-shirts with the birthday boy's birth year.  So fun!

Happy 50th Dan!  I hope you loved your birthday cookies :)

February 16, 2014

Surf-Themed Corporate Gift

surfing cookie gift

So, anyone on the east coast need a change of pace from all the snow and ice?!  These surfing-themed cookies should do the trick :)

logo cookies

Working on these cookies definitely had me dreaming about summer.  They were requested by the Interactive Television Alliance as a gift for the designer of their new logo.  Of course, we had to include a few cookie versions of the logo :)

surf-themed cookies

The recipient is a California boy who loves to surf, so the rest of the cookies included surfboards, Hawaiian shirts, board shorts, and beach balls.  Thank you to Callye from Sweet Sugarbelle for the Hawaiian shirt tutorial!

surfer gift

These cookies headed off to Santa Monica, where they can actually go surfing in February!  At least I think so...  We're still sledding these days in Virginia, so it's hard for me to imagine any temperatures higher than 40 degrees!

February 14, 2014

February 7, 2014


Since it's Friday, and I'm off to play Bunco tonight, I thought it would be appropriate to share these Bunco cookies!  

bunco cookies

These are big ole' 3 inch square dice cookies that I made for a Bunco-themed bridal shower.  If you're not familiar with Bunco, it's a super fun, no skill required dice game that (along with some wine) makes a really fun neighborhood get together :)

dice cookies

Happy Friday everyone!

February 5, 2014

Henna Elephant Cookies

henna elephant cookies

Henna-inspired cookies are quickly becoming some of my favorites.  These cookies were created to celebrate a child's Annaprashana or "First Rice."  This is something that I hadn't heard of before, but after I looked it up I thought it was a pretty amazing idea.  I would have loved to do this to celebrate Oliver's first food.

henna elephant cookies

Lev's mom asked for elephants that were personalized with Lev's name and decorated with henna designs.

She also requested paisley-shaped cookies with similar henna designs.  I just loved the teal, orange and white color scheme for his celebration.

paisley cookies

You can tell that I loved these cookies because I took LOTS of pictures!  Keep reading for more :)

February 3, 2014

Basic Surfer Cookie Favors

surfer cookies

These surf boards and board shorts were created for a surf-themed baby shower.  The client wanted to keep these favors in the ""basic" price range, so I kept it simple with wavy lines for the surf boards and stripes and a bow on the shorts.  The color scheme for the shower was different shades of teal with yellow accents, so that's what we went with for the cookies!

surf themed baby shower favors

Here they are all packaged up with their yellow ribbons.  It just goes to show that even simple cookies can look stunning when they're all dressed up and on display!


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