February 16, 2014

Surf-Themed Corporate Gift

surfing cookie gift

So, anyone on the east coast need a change of pace from all the snow and ice?!  These surfing-themed cookies should do the trick :)

logo cookies

Working on these cookies definitely had me dreaming about summer.  They were requested by the Interactive Television Alliance as a gift for the designer of their new logo.  Of course, we had to include a few cookie versions of the logo :)

surf-themed cookies

The recipient is a California boy who loves to surf, so the rest of the cookies included surfboards, Hawaiian shirts, board shorts, and beach balls.  Thank you to Callye from Sweet Sugarbelle for the Hawaiian shirt tutorial!

surfer gift

These cookies headed off to Santa Monica, where they can actually go surfing in February!  At least I think so...  We're still sledding these days in Virginia, so it's hard for me to imagine any temperatures higher than 40 degrees!


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