February 5, 2014

Henna Elephant Cookies

henna elephant cookies

Henna-inspired cookies are quickly becoming some of my favorites.  These cookies were created to celebrate a child's Annaprashana or "First Rice."  This is something that I hadn't heard of before, but after I looked it up I thought it was a pretty amazing idea.  I would have loved to do this to celebrate Oliver's first food.

henna elephant cookies

Lev's mom asked for elephants that were personalized with Lev's name and decorated with henna designs.

She also requested paisley-shaped cookies with similar henna designs.  I just loved the teal, orange and white color scheme for his celebration.

paisley cookies

You can tell that I loved these cookies because I took LOTS of pictures!  Keep reading for more :)

Orange and white paisley designs:

orange and white henna

White and teal elephants:

white and teal elephants

Orange and teal paisley cookies:

orange and teal henna cookies

I hope that you enjoyed your first solid food, Lev!  I enjoyed working on your party favors :)

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  1. Blue Elephants cookies very cute ..



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