February 24, 2013

Thank you cookie package

Here's another cookie package for the website - this time it's "Thank You" cookies in a large 10x14" box.  Anyone who knows my husband will guess that it was his idea to add the faces to the letters :)   Everything's funnier with faces, right?  They were very loosely inspired by the letter people we all had in kindergarten!

thank you cookies

February 18, 2013

13th Birthday Cookies

These cookies were created for a 13 year old birthday boy.  Jack plays football for his local township team and, like any 13 year old boy, likes to play video games!  So we decided on a variety of footballs, jerseys in his team colors, XBox controllers, and happy birthday cookies for his cookie gift.

13th birthday cookies

Happy 13th birthday, Jack!

February 13, 2013

Nautical Baby Cookie Package

Thanks to Pinterest, these nautical baby cookies are some of the most popular cookies that I've ever posted.  And I must admit, they're some of my favorites too!  I've been working on new gift packages for my website and I just HAD to include a version of those cookies.  Here they are:  a large gift package in a 10x14" box.  

nautical baby cookies

You'll notice that all of the cookie gifts are photographed exactly as they'll arrive in their box. I've ordered lots of these cookie boxes from BRP box shop and can't wait to start using them!

I'm in the process of doing some shipping tests (my parents have received LOTS of cookies!) and I'm happy to say that there hasn't been a single broken cookie so far.  That means that each cookie will still be sealed in a clear cellophane bag, but that I won't need to wrap each cookie in bubble wrap anymore.  I'm excited that the customer will get to see their cookies as soon as they open their package without having to dig through a sea of bubble wrap!

February 8, 2013

New Baby Cookie Gift Packages

It seems that while I get ready for baby, part of my nesting habits have transferred to my website as well.  While I wait for baby to arrive, I'm trying to prepare as much as possible to reopen my business sometime in late Spring / early summer.  

I've already set up an LLC in the state of Virginia, and once I have a kitchen that's ready to be inspected, I'll finish applying for my business license in Albemarle County.  Of course, that means I need to move into my new house which hasn't happened yet!  In the mean time, I'm working on some new gift packages.

These are 2 new baby gift packages that will be available when I reopen.  They're small packages that include 5 cookies in a 7x10" box.

It's a boy gift package:

It's a boy cookie gift

 And it's a girl gift package:

It's a girl cookie gift

When I relaunch, I'm also planning to create an Etsy shop, so all of these packages will be for sale there as well as from my website .  If you sell on Etsy and have any advice, I'd love to hear it!

February 4, 2013

Baby Elephant Cookies

Last week, while I was working on these pink and gray baby shower favors, I really fell in love with the color scheme.  Luckily I had some icing leftover, so I decided to create a new baby gift package for my website.  For some reason the colors just screamed baby girl elephant cookies to me.

baby girl elephant cookies

These are 6 large cookies in a 10 x 14" box.  I also snapped a quick pic of a sample platter with all of the pink and gray cookies:

pink and gray baby girl cookies

The baby girl elephant cookie package be available for purchase on my website when I reopen after my maternity leave.  Baby S is due exactly 1 month from today!  He'll be here before I know it.


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