June 18, 2013

Cookie Favor Price Sheet

We're officially open for business again!  I'm excited to be back in the kitchen working on some fun new cookies this week.

I'll be launching a new version of our website soon, but in the meantime I wanted to show you our new price sheet for custom cookie favors:

Cookie Favor Price Sheet

2” Small
3” Medium
4” Large
5” Extra Large
Ribbon$0.15 / cookie
Cookie Sticks**$0.35 / cookie
*Approximate length of longest side
**Cookie sticks include the price of ribbon.

I based the price sheet on Sugarbelle's price chart that she posted a while back.  Below is a description of what I consider "Basic", "Detailed", and "Elaborate" designs as well as some sample pictures.

What's Included in a Design???
Typically uses 1-2 colors with limited to no piped details
Typically uses 2-4 colors and includes some piped details
Typically uses 3+ colors, includes several piped details, and/or uses advanced techniques such as brush embroidery

Cookie pricing examples

I hope that this price chart adds some transparency to the way we price our cookies.  As always, you can contact us through our custom cookie request form for a quote!

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  1. Hope all goes well with the start up...your price sheet was a great addition. Maybe Oliver will be your apprentice one day! S.C.Mom



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