July 20, 2011

Making Your Cookie Cutters Work for You

The doctor theme continues!  These medical / golf-themed cookies were made as a gift for a doctor's retirement.

I don't actually have many doctor or golf cookie cutters, so I had to get a little bit creative for this package.  It seems like there's a cookie cutter for everything these days, but it's also important to remember that lots of cutters can be improvised to work for other things.  That way, when you get a last minute order you don't need to worry about rush ordering cookie cutters!  Here's what I used to make these doctor cookies:

I was lucky that I had a fire truck cutter, so it was pretty obvious how to turn this into an ambulance - just cut off the ladder!  The doctor coat was also easily modified from a onesie cutter.  And the bandaid was actually a flower that I cut the sides off of.

I made some similar modifications to create these golf cookies:

I'm sure you can tell how the golf shirts were made - that onesie cutter comes in handy!  The golf bag was a baseball hat turned on it's side and the flip flop cutter made a perfect golf green.  The clubs were made by slightly modifying a candy cane cookie cutter.

So next time you want to try something new, put away your credit card and go digging through your cookie cutter collection!  You might be surprised what you find there (or at least I usually am)!


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