September 9, 2011

Royal Icing Transfers

When you’re doing a lot of cookies with the same design, I find the easiest way to make sure that they all look uniform is to use royal icing transfers (assuming you don’t have a KopyKake projector - more on that to come soon!).

These cookies were made for a first birthday party with a puppy dog theme.  The "1"s on the paw print were made using transfers.  Continue reading for more on royal icing transfers.

To make a royal icing transfer, print out your design in the size that you need, and trace it onto wax paper using stiff royal icing.  Then, fill in the design with a thinner flood icing.

When the transfers and completely dry, they pop off the wax paper fairly easily.  Just make sure you make extra because some will definitely break in the process.

Place them directly onto your flooded cookie, and you're done!  

This method also makes things easier because you don't need to wait for the flooded cookie to dry before you can add the next layer of icing.  Once these cookies are dry, they're all ready to package.

Here are the completed and packaged cookies for Sean's first birthday party:

This is another example of a cookie that used royal icing transfers.  These were made for an engagement party.  I printed out their monogram in a Monotype Corsiva font and traced the letters using stiff royal icing.  I love the apple green and navy blue color scheme for this wedding.


  1. I"m glad I found your blog. I'm going to try to do some r.i. transfer letters. Wish me luck!!
    come check out my blog

  2. Good luck! Let me know how it goes! The biggest thing is just to make sure you let them dry long enough. Overnight is definitely preferable.

  3. I love making royal icing letters! How do you move them to the cookies? So tedious to get them in the right place.

    1. Good question! I usually use tweezers to place the transfers. You can buy them specifically for cookies online our just buy a new pair from a pharmacy!



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