April 13, 2012

Veterinary Thank You Cookies

paw print and dog bone cookies

These paw print and dog bone cookies were ordered as a thank you gift for a veterinary practice.  I was given free reign to do what I wanted with the color scheme, so I decided to add some bright colors to the dog bones.  I don't know if you've heard, but neon is totally in right now.  At least that's what Vogue magazine told me while I was getting my hair done last week.  And they're never wrong...right?  Anyway, I hope they're right, but I'm really loving the neon lettering on these dog bones!

I had a complete head smacking "aha" moment while I was making these cookies.  I've never really loved my handwriting, and I've always found it challenging to get my writing straight and evenly spaced when I write on cookies.  And then I realized...I have a KopyKake!  Duh!!!  Why am I not using it all the time when I need to write on cookies?!?  I'm sure this seems so stupid to you, because well, you're right.  It was completely stupid that I didn't think of this before!  So anyway, after I finished Miley's tiara cookies and all of her names were nice and straight and consistent, I decided to do the same thing for my thank you cookies.  This font is Bradley Hand, and I LOVE it!  Ah, it's the little things in life, right?

Dog bone thank you cookies


  1. I loved that someone requested thank you cookies for their veterinarian and I love what you came up with. The neon lettering is great and using the KopyKake to do the font was a very smart idea. I like this Bradley Hand :)

  2. you crack me up.... Now how to get John to agree to get a kopy cake so when I write on cakes it is not slanted or awkward looking... oh yeah and then there is the where the hell would I store it! haha....

  3. Great cookie idea, I'll sure the vet loved them. I'll bet Gina, Willis and Sadie would love them too.



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