May 22, 2013

Final Move Update- Opening June 17

Finally!  This is it!  We're re-opening!!

My husband and I are all settled into our new house in Charlottesville, VA and have been loving spending time with baby Oliver.  I've officially completed all of the steps to licence our home kitchen for commercial baking, so I'm excited to announce that it's time for me to start taking orders again!

Our opening day is Monday, June 17th, so now is the time to contact me about custom cookies for your events!  I'll only be accepting a few orders each week so that I can balance baby time with cookie time, so be sure to place your orders early!

In the next several weeks, keep an eye out for website updates as well as a new price sheet for custom cookies.

Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding while we moved and while I took my maternity leave.  I'm looking forward to getting back into the kitchen and baking!


  1. Your cookies are inspiring and beautiful! I'm starting up a home based cookie business in CA. I'm very limited locally since legally I have to hand deliver my cookies. Seeing your pictures, I know you'll do great, but I still wish to say good luck!

    Erin C.

  2. Yeah! Best wishes with the *new* home business.



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