October 13, 2015

I Love the 80s

When I got a request for 80's cookies right before I closed for maternity leave, how could I say no?!

80s cookies, pacman, MTV, mix tapes, boombox

I'm a child of the 80's and definitely loved rocking the mix tapes on my boombox :)  I was never allowed to watch MTV when I was little, which of course meant that I watched as much as possible every time I was at a friend's house ;)

nintendo cookies, Mario, Zelda, PacMan, Donkey Kong

I also REALLY loved my Nintendo.  The old school one, no Super Nintendo over here.  Mario and Tetris were two of my faves, along with Mega Man.  Remember him?!  No cookies of him this time, but there were some Donkey Kong and Zelda in this 30th birthday package :)

nintendo 30th birthday gift


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  2. Hi Charla,
    Unfortunately I am not. I'm sorry!

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