October 14, 2013

Fall Cookie Bouquets

I've never made a cookie bouquet before, but when I got a request for 30 of them last month I figured, hey, why not?  Go big or go home :)

fall cookie bouquets

The bouquets were used as centerpieces for a company picnic that was held at the home of James Monroe in Charlottesville.  Luckily, it was a local event so I could assemble the buckets on site before the party started.

I wish that I could have gotten a picture of the tables after they were set, but they only had linens on them while I was there.  I'm sure they looked beautiful once the event planner was done with them though.

cookie centerpieces

Figuring out the best way to assemble the buckets took some research online.  I ended up weighing down the buckets by filling the bottom with stones.  Then I cut squares of floral foam to fit in the buckets, leaving about 1" of space in the top (floral foam was easier to push the sticks into compared with styrofoam).  I filled the remaining space in the bucket with ivory crinkle paper, then pushed the sticks through.

pumpkin and leaf cookie pops

Since they would be sitting on round tables, I arranged the bouquets so that they could be viewed from all sides.  I never thought that the floral design class that I took a few years ago would come in handy for cookie decorating :)

Overall, I thought my first cookie bouquets were a success.  I'm looking forward to doing these again!


  1. They are beautiful! Here's an idea for something to use for next time to weigh down your container...rice or dried beans...I know how expensive foam can be...beans move around making it easy to put the sticks in..no cutting involved, just pouring...can probably be bought in bulk making it cheaper...thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the great advice! I'll have to try that next time :)



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