January 22, 2014

Penguin Party!

I thought that this post would be appropriate for all of this winter weather we're having on the east coast!

penguin themed first birthday party cookies

This penguin cookie platter was created for a first birthday party in December.  The bow tie penguins were based on Jimi's super adorable invitation.

I also included lots of snowflakes in different shades of blue.

snowflake cookies

The idea for these penguin faces came from Jimi's mom, and I thought they were super cute!

penguin face cookies

And Jimi's mom was nice enough to share this beautiful picture of the cookies displayed at his party.

penguin first birthday party

I hope you had a great first birthday, Jimi!


  1. What an adorable tray of cookies!

  2. what a wonderful platter , I just loive the detail work you have handled so well in writing .
    What tip are you using ? And what do you do to prevent it from blocking .. I love this ...

  3. Thank you Katia! I use a PME #1.5. It is THE BEST tip for writing. I don't typically have trouble with clogs with that size tip, but for smaller tips I put a (new) piece of pantyhose between my tip and coupler. It acts as a filter and catches all of the lumps. Good luck!



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