November 28, 2011

Let it snow!

Thanksgiving is over and it's officially time for Christmas!  I've held off on Christmas cookies until now because I hate it when the stores start all of their Christmas hype in October.  There's nothing worse than going to Michael's 2 days before Halloween (to pick up things for a Halloween party) and finding everything replaced by Christmas stuff (true story, can you tell I'm bitter)! 

So anyway, enough ranting, here's the first sets of wintery (is that a word?) cookies.  All snow-themed!  There's a variety of snowflakes, hats, mittens, snowmen, and what my husband has officially deemed "snow heads".  More to come on the snow heads in a later post, but can you guess what cookie cutter was used for them in the mean time?  All packages are up on the website here, check them out!

1 comment:

  1. Your snowmen and *snowheads* are so cute. I love that each of the hats and scarves are different. The hats and mittens are great and the blue and white pom-pom is fabulous. Your snowflakes are beautiful.



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