November 28, 2011

Let it snow!

Thanksgiving is over and it's officially time for Christmas!  I've held off on Christmas cookies until now because I hate it when the stores start all of their Christmas hype in October.  There's nothing worse than going to Michael's 2 days before Halloween (to pick up things for a Halloween party) and finding everything replaced by Christmas stuff (true story, can you tell I'm bitter)! 

So anyway, enough ranting, here's the first sets of wintery (is that a word?) cookies.  All snow-themed!  There's a variety of snowflakes, hats, mittens, snowmen, and what my husband has officially deemed "snow heads".  More to come on the snow heads in a later post, but can you guess what cookie cutter was used for them in the mean time?  All packages are up on the website here, check them out!


  1. Your snowmen and *snowheads* are so cute. I love that each of the hats and scarves are different. The hats and mittens are great and the blue and white pom-pom is fabulous. Your snowflakes are beautiful.

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