November 22, 2011

Recent projects

Here's a quick catch up on some of the projects I've had recently:

This was a really cute order that was sent to a lawyer who just made partner at his firm.  Each family member got their own fall-themed cookie and they were sent along with a dozen chocolate sandwich cookies.

This order was for a dozen baptism cookies.  This set is also now available on the website :)

This was a last-minute baby shower order for 26 onesies, rattles, and baby footprints.  I love the name - Caylin!

And finally, a get well soon package with hearts, band-aids, and X's and O's.  Keep an eye out for a new get well soon page on the website!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!  It will be time for some wintery-themed cookies when we get back from the holidays!


  1. Your work is so neat and precise, your colour choices are wonderful and your attention to detail and *printing* is wonderful.



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