November 7, 2011

Social Networking Icons

A few weeks ago I had my biggest order to date - 500 Facebook, Linked in, and Twitter logo cookies.  Whew!  I think my hand has finally recuperated.

This is only a tiny fraction of them:

To make these cookies, I created a stencil for each logo (you can find stencil making kits at Michael's or any craft store).  The stencil was used to trace the logo onto the cookie with food coloring markers.  Then, I piped over the traced image and filled it in with thinned white icing.

For anyone who is thinking about scaling up their production, I've included some details below about length of time and number of batches that I needed.

My cookie recipe is included in my post on Frosting for the Cause and I use Wilton's royal icing recipe.

For 500 x 3.5" square cookies rolled 3/8" thick, I needed:
  • 21 batches of cookies (yup, that's 84 sticks of butter people!)
  • 6 batches of blue base icing (I made 8 batches but had tons left over).  
    • I filled 4 piping bags to do all of the outlining and the rest was thinned out for flooding.
  • 1 batch white icing for logos with a small amount colored turquoise for the Twitter logo
As far as timing, here's how long it took to decorate (this is why hand-decorated cookies are expensive!!):
  • outlining and flooding took 3 people about 6 hours
  • logos took 1 person (me!) about 10 hours.  While I was piping, someone else was using the stencil to trace.
  • packaging took 2 people ~3 hours, and included bagging each cookie, tying a ribbon, attaching 2 stickers, and boxing
Overall this was a great experience and I look forward to more and more big orders.  Thank you so much to all of my fabulous helpers!!  I couldn't have done it without you.


  1. Great cookies! What a big order and it was neat that you included the details on what it took to fill it. Glad you had some help and hope you continue to get more big orders...I'm sure you will.

    P.S. Thanks for the link back to Frosting for the Cause. Very nice of you.

  2. I am soo sorry I could not help for obvious reasons, I was really looking forward to it.



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