January 8, 2012

Christmas Cookie Roundup

OK, this post totally does not fit in with your New Years resolution diet, and if you're sick of looking at Christmas cookies you're going to want to stop right here...

Still there??

OK, here's a quick review of all of the Christmas cookies that I never got around to posting over the holidays.

These were my take on some modern Christmas trees, inspired by A Charlie Brown Christmas.

A cute Christmas package ordered by my Grandmom

These three were all made with the same Wilton Santa cutter.  I think next time I'd give the snowman a scarf.

Definitely need to have some Christmas Story inspired cookies!  My family always watches this movie on Christmas eve.  This year, my husband and I were in the Netherlands over the holidays, but we still brought the movie with us and watched it in the hotel room.  It just isn't Christmas without it!

A while back I asked you to guess what cookie cutter was used for these snow man faces:

Well, I'm sorry I kept you hanging for so long.  I swear I didn't mean it!  Keep reading for the answer...

Did you guess a skull cutter?

If you did, you were right!  This is an upside down Halloween skull.

A couple of other non-traditional cookie cutters that I used recently were:

Ice cream cone Santa.  I think I like him even better than the one made with a Santa cookie cutter.

And a tooth reindeer!

OK, whew!  I'm done.  That's the last time I'll show you Christmas cookies this year (well, until December anyway).

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year.  I'll be moving onto some Valentine's Day and wedding projects very soon so hopefully I'll have some fun stuff to share with you!


  1. What a wonderful round-up. A lot of Christmas cookie baking and decorating and every single one of them is wonderful.

  2. The Christmas cookie assortment looks great. Very clever using the different cutters to create new designs. You're a cookie genius!

  3. I love how creative these cookies are! So unique and adorable!



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