January 29, 2012

Holiday Party Cookies

These cookies were made for a holiday gift exchange party.  The client wanted a wintry color scheme that included snowflakes, gift packages, and martinis.  I love the combo and think this package would be great for so many different occasions.

The bows were painted with silver luster dust and I used Wilton's new color mist spray on the snowflakes for that sparkly, wintry feel.

I really like the martinis and think they would be perfect for a birthday gift or a bachelorette party.

I'm working on some other (slightly less appropriate) bachelorette cookies, but I'm undecided on whether or not to post them Send me an email if you want to see them!


  1. These are all lovely. Go ahead and post your other bachelorette cookies, we all know it's all in fun and no one should get offended.

    1. Thanks Paula! I'm definitely considering posting them if there's enough interest :)



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