May 2, 2012

New Mother's Day Cookies!

Cookies are the perfect gift for Mom for Mother's Day, so if you haven't picked up a gift yet, check out our new cookie packages up on the website!

These cookies were inspired by my favorite gift to give to my Mom - coupons for chores.  I liked them because they were easy to make (though not as easy to fulfill) and free, and my Mom liked them because she actually got some help around the house!  I know this is the gift that I would want if I were a Mom :)

Mother's Day coupon cookies

We also have a new Mother's Day tea set for the tea-drinker in your life.  Our sugar cookies are perfect with a cup of tea, so what could be cuter than tea-themed cookies!

Mother's Day Tea Party Cookies

Mother's Day orders need to be in by May 5th if you need your cookies shipped.  If you'd like to pick them up in Gaithersburg, MD, orders will be accepted until May 8th.



  1. The tea cup and tea pot cookies are very cute and I really love your Mother's Day chore cookies. Great idea to go along with the chore coupon book gift idea.

  2. Great idea for Mom's day, I can envision "cut the lawn", "wash the car", "take out the trash", "go golfing" cookies for Dad's day:)



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