September 25, 2015

Realistic Science cookies

I've done some cutesy science cookies in the past, but being a scientist doesn't usually involve very many test tubes and beakers.  Since I was a scientist in my former life, I get a kick out of merging cookies and real-life science :)  Here are a few of my recent attempts!

These were a Christmas gift for a biotech group that included some of the equipment that they use: tanks, chromatography columns, bioreactors.  I also created some HPLC and cell viability curves and some schematics of the molecule that they work on :)

science cookies, chromatography cookies, biotech cookies

These cookies were actually a gift for my husband's team who work on the Gardasil vaccine.  The silly little men are actually cartoon versions of the HPV molecules that the vaccine targets (which just goes to show that I can turn anything into a cookie, LOL!).  The other cookies are filters and other products that they use in the process to make the vaccine.

science cookies, virus cookies

And finally, a gift box for a scientist that included more chromatograms and a Soxhlet extractor that he uses in his lab!

scientist cookie gift

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